Bret Black

Developer and Musician · Philadelphia, PA · (484) 844-9141 ·

I am a game developer, web developer, and musician living in Philadelphia, PA.

I graduated from Lafayette College in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. I am currently employed as an educational game developer and web developer at American Reading Company.

This website serves as a hub for the variety of projects I have developed independently.

While in college I co-founded "Vashta Entertainment," an independent video game studio with my long-time creative partner Shane Draper. We've released "Trenches of War," which has gathered over 1 million downloads across Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, as well as "River Rider." A larger game, "Harvested," has been in development for several years.

Perlin Noise is my original comedy-rock music project. It blends my love for early rock 'n' roll, '70s punk, and new wave with my satirical and absurdist lyrics. All recordings are, unless otherwise noted, written, performed, and produced by me.

My official Perlin Noise website can be found here.

I built a simple web tool called "Tab Transpose" to make it easier to access guitar tabulature on mandolin. This tool was later expanded to cover a variety of instruments and tunings.